Nut Milk delivery is every Tuesday at a desired chosen time. 

 32oz glass bottles with a 2$ off return bottle incentive. 

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Plant-based milk

Pachamama is the ancient Incan name for our Mother Earth, named after the fertility goddess who presided over planting and harvesting, providing the earth’s inhabitants everything they needed to sustain life and nourishment. 
With a simple list of natural (and pronounceable!) ingredients, each bottle is a delicious blend of  nuts and seeds, and fresh, filtered water, deliciously flavored with cinnamon, and coconut. Our nut milks taste nothing like what you’ll find at the local grocery store. Why? We only use whole foods and we NEVER use preservatives. We like to say “Our nut milks WILL go BAD, but that’s GOOD for you!” because we don’t like undesirable chemicals in our bodies, and we don’t think you do either.

Orxata de xufa, known to most around the world as Horchata, is a delicious milky beverage made from ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley or tigernuts (chufa nuts). The sweet drink, which is served chilled or over ice, is believed to have its roots in Valencia, Spain – and has now become a favorite natural summertime refreshment throughout the Americas.

Growing up, this nutritious beverage was a staple in my diet. For years my mother and I have experimented with recipes, adding a variety of nuts and seeds to create this dense and tasty dairy-free milk. Only after earning my degree in Dietetics and Nutrition did I truly learn to appreciate nut milk’s astounding nutritional value. High in protein and calcium, without the use of any animal byproducts, I realized this is the perfect eco-friendly AND healthy milk alternative. 

Our goal is to elevate the concept of conscious nutrition while respecting the resources Pachamama provides to us. We support local farms, eating a clean, organic diet and respecting  our Mother Earth’s resources, by re-using our home delivery glass bottles. We also have future plans to support clean, drinkable water initiatives for those who do not have access to it.

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